Our History

From Humble Beginnings

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In 1964, Charlie Bootz and Jim Duke started Bootz & Duke Sign Company. They both worked at Myers Leiber Sign Company for several years and then decided to venture out on their own. Bootz & Duke Sign Company was small at first, specializing mostly in hand lettering and painted signs. Over the next 10 years, Bootz & Duke Sign Company grew into a full-service sign company. Continue reading to learn more about Bootz and Duke history.

Our History: 1976 - 1981
(Passing of the Torch)

In 1975, Bill Gibson, Charlie Bootz’s Son-in-law  began his career at Bootz & Duke Sign Company. He began digging holes, but because of his hard work, he quickly became a journeyman installer and soon became the foreman at Bootz & Duke. Bill showed a natural talent for sales and created several new accounts for Bootz & Duke Sign Company

 In 1976, Charlie Bootz’s son Jeff graduated from ASU and began working for Bootz & Duke Sign Company. A few years later, in 1978, Jim Duke decided it was time to retire. Charlie Bootz, his wife Nellie Bootz, and their son Jeff bought out Jim Duke.

Over the next 15 years, Charlie Bootz, Nellie Bootz, Jeff Bootz, and Bill Gibson managed Bootz & Duke Sign Company. In 1991 Charlie and Nellie Bootz decided it was time to retire. Jeff Bootz took over as President, and Bill Gibson took over as Vice President.

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Our History: 1997-2018
(The End of an Era)

In 1997 Bill’s sons Charlie and Andy Gibson began working at Bootz & Duke Sign Company. Charlie worked in the fabrication department, and Andy worked in the Installation department.

In 2006 Jeff Bootz chose to step down from ownership. Bill and his wife Cindy then became the owners of Bootz & Duke Sign Company. By this time, Bill Gibson managed the day-to-day operations of Bootz & Duke Sign Company with the help of his son’s Charlie and Andy as well as Brent VanDeman acting as the general manager.

From 2006 to 2018 Bootz and Duke continued to grow and after 50 years we had move to a much larger facility to continue to serve our client’s needs.


Our History: 2018-present
(A New Beginning)

With our move came a lot of changes, after over 43 years of service Bill Gibson chose to pass the torch again to now the 3rd generation his two son’s Charlie and Andy.

Today, Andy Gibson is the President of Bootz and Duke Sign Company. He actively manages several regional accounts as well as some of the largest developers in the Southwest. He also oversees both the fabrication and installation departments.

Charlie Gibson serves as Vice President overseeing some of the company’s largest national accounts and overseeing both the administrative and design departments